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Google Instant is a new feature that Google has just announced, which has taken thousands of Internet users, bloggers, technology enthusiasts, etc. It basically consists of predicting results and all that, the speed of light. Real time is here to stay, and now Google makes it real. Google we love you! This feature, combined with auto-complete will save between 2 and 5 seconds per consultation. When you are typing a search, Google itself will complete the text and show the likely results of that search, as it is based in most cases on searches by other users. For now Google instant is only available for the domain. Natural Results and Sponsored Links Are Displayed The real-time searches suggested by Google will produce a revolution in web positioning. Real-time information will change and personalize user behavior when searching for a particular keyword Many must be wondering if SEO will die, rest assured it will not die, but the optimization work will have to adapt to this change proposed by Google. I wonder: What if we had a website about games and started to search on Google Instant for the words that most drive traffic to our domain and if we were writing down the results suggested by Google and then we generated content based on those words suggested by the search engine, which would happen?
Of course, these words will vary, depending on the searches of other users since Google takes them as a basis to offer us suggested results. This is something that cannot be avoided. But, to get a certain advantage, we have to know what searches google suggests when we search for something. Of course, knowing all the probabilities of suggestions is impossible, but if we generate individual pages for suggested searches, maybe we can do something about it.In a way, it is about continuing to work with keywords, and adapting the content to the terms suggested by Google in real-time searches. Do not you think? What other ways are there to deal with the changes that come with Google Instant? Do you think this is the death of SEO? I would like your opinion.