Among the 4 P’s of marketing, the POS (Point of Sale) has always been important to establish direct contact with the customer, especially the customer of the product, who when buying retail has contact only with the product, many times without experiencing the experience. branded.

On the internet, social networks have revolutionized PDF, allowing the customer to have contact and live the experience of the brand in several different channels, not only at the POS.

I call this touchpoints, as the same message can be conveyed through email marketing, Facebook, and Twitter, but reach the customer only on one of these channels, usually the customer’s preferred channel, not the brand. The brand, in this context, has to adapt and reach where it can, but it is the customer who chooses when and where to receive the messages.

According to trends, experiences and research done by SEO experts, users need to know three factors that are essential to position your site on Google, remembering that there are thousands of factors, let’s mention just 3 that are the basis, the three main factors are:

Obviously, Google feeds on content and is therefore of great importance. Creating good content and optimizing it with the keywords you want to place will be very important. Remembering that we must be careful in the Titles.


It is increasingly clear that Google positions sites and blogs that are always up to date better (Google likes new content), so the chances of a good positioning are great.


Although there are many opinions, inbound links to a website are the most important for the placement of a website. Google is valuing websites for the quantity and quality of incoming links a website or blog obtains. It is very important that these links contain the keywords that we want to position.

It is clear that the development of any business on the Internet goes through several strategies, but certainly a good position is more effective.